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Polystyrene Plastic Containers

March 2020

Polystyrene offers excellent clarity, is rigid, and is lightweight, making it great for skin care and cosmetic packaging. SKS carries polystyrene plastic bottles, tubes, and jars in a range of sizes and styles with matching cap options.

Polystyrene Bottles

SKS offers two polystyrene airless pump bottle options for propellant-free dispensing. Small air holes at the base of these cosmetic bottles create a vacuum that pushes the inner plate up when dispensing. This prevents the contents from coming into contact with air or other contaminants to prolong shelf life. 30 ml and 50 ml clear AS plastic airless pump bottles feature a matte silver base and matching overcaps. The matching airless pump is made from polypropylene with an aluminum shell and sits flush with the skincare bottle.15, 30, and 50 ml clear acrylonitrile styrene airless pump bottles feature a shiny silver base and matching aluminum shell caps. The silver caps include a white polypropylene plastic airless pump and clear overcap, which helps prevent unwanted discharge during transportation or storage. Both airless pump styles have an output of 0.2 ml and could be used to store serum, cleanser, or various other skincare products.

Polystyrene Tubes

White polystyrene deodorant tubes are available in two styles. 2.5 oz white plastic tubes include matching ribbed plastic screw caps for use with deodorant, sunscreen, solid lotion, and more. To dispense, simply press on the natural plastic base to push the inner disc upward.Similarly, SKS also offers 75 g white styrene plastic tubes with smooth white plastic caps and clear disc inserts. These polystyrene containers feature a turning mechanism at the base. When twisted counter-clockwise, the inner disc is pushed up and dispenses product as needed.

Polystyrene Jars

Polystyrene thick wall jars are molded from a single piece of plastic for extra durability and to allow the side of the closure to run flush with the sides of the jar. Choose from four sizes, ranging from ⅛ oz to 1 oz, with a variety of closure options, including clear, white, and smooth black plastic caps. These cosmetic jars are ideal for samples, lip balm, and various other beauty products.Flat polystyrene plastic powder jars are available in 10 ml, 20 ml, or 45 ml sizes and are also compatible with an array of plastic cap options, including white, black, and silver. These plastic jars are also available with double sifter fitments for packaging powders, like foundation, bronzer, and more. The 10 ml plastic sifter features a larger opening, while the 20 ml and 45 ml sizes feature smaller holes. A plastic tab in the middle can be turned to open or close the sifter holes as needed.

Packaging Tip

Treatment Pumps

SKS carries polypropylene plastic treatment pumps with various dip tube lengths. These plastic pumps are designed to dispense small volumes of viscous products, like serum, lotion, or foundation, when paired with compatible plastic or glass bottles. The black and white treatment pumps feature a locking mechanism in the neck and dispense .25 cc of product per pump. The natural treatment pumps offer an output of 190 MCL and the brushed aluminum treatment pumps dispense .4 ml. Both feature a clear overcap in place of a locking mechanism to help prevent unwanted discharge during storage or transportation.

Product of the Month

Paragon Glass Jars

Paragon jars are extremely versatile and come in seven sizes, ranging from 1 oz to 16 oz. These impermeable clear glass jars can be used for bath and body care products, candles, food packaging, and much more. The tall glass jars feature a large label area for custom branding and are paired with various metal caps, ribbed plastic caps, spice caps, and specialized plastic pumps to suit a range of industries.

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