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Spend $150 on purple PET plastic bottles and jars to save $15 on your order*. Enter code: SHOPPURPLE upon checkout and save! See some of our favorites below.

Ended Jun 01st, 2015

Jars w/ Black Lined Caps

These purple PET jars with black smooth lined caps could be a great option for packaging products like lotions, creams, and much more!

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Bottles w/ Disc Top Caps

This selection of purple PET plastic boston round bottles comes with black disc top caps. These purple plastic bottles will make any product look sharp and could be a fine addition to any product line.

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Bottles w/ Black Sprayers

These purple plastic bottles with black sprayers could be perfect for bath and body products, hair products, and much more!

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Jars w/ Black Dome Caps

Try packaging products from the bath and body care or cosmetic industries in these purple jars with black dome caps.

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