Enercon Induction Seal Guarantee

Induction cap seals provide tamper evidence, enhance product freshness and prevent costly leaks. Enercon offers a wide range of induction cap sealers to ensure seals are effectively applied. In fact they back the systems with a unique guarantee of success.

Watch an informational induction video.

How can Enercon make such a guarantee?

Essentially it comes down to application expertise. They've developed and customized more cap sealing solutions than anyone in the industry. Their experience allows them to confidently size and configure cap sealers to match your specific requirements. This performance guarantee extends around the globe into pharmaceutical, beverage, household, chemical and petroleum packaging facilities.

Enercon supports its cap sealers with an industry-leading team. Their international network strategically locates their sales and service representatives to ensure prompt support and service. In addition Enercon offers 24-hour emergency service and round-the-clock troubleshooting assistance through their interactive web site.

So whether your application demands one of their high speed Super Seal systems, a semi-automatic Compak(&trad;) Jr or one of their new capless induction sealers, you can be assured Enercon will provide the best solution for you. Add in Enercon's support network, success guarantee and trade-in policy and you have a no-risk investment.

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