Super Seal™ Max Induction Sealing Machine

Super Seal™ Max Induction Cap Sealing System

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For packagers with the most demanding applications Enercon has engineered the powerful Super Seal™ Max.

This innovative and patent-pending system offers production speeds never before possible with air-cooled systems. It reliably seals containers at production speeds in excess of 300 feet per minute.

Simple operation is guided by the microprocessor which is specifically designed to control, monitor and display all critical performance, inspection and operational data. All system information is available through a sophisticated operator interface. For ultimate control an optional RS485 interface is available as a powerful link to your process computer.

Enercon's engineering team has developed an assortment of custom sealing heads to meet almost every requirement imaginable. Matching the sealing head to an application optimizes productivity and efficiency. The Super Seal Max™ has a convenient plug-in sealing head design, making head changing simple and easy.

The Super Seal™ Max features an all-in-one power supply and sealing head design which requires little floor space and virtually no maintenance. The system also incorporates built-in functionality for cap inspection, eliminating the need for an additional control box.

Enercon systems are designed to operate in a maximum ambient temperature of 40 ° C (104°F) @ 80% relative humidity, non-condensing.

  • Reliably seals at production speeds over 300 fpm
  • Integrated microprocessor controls, monitors & displays critical data
  • Efficient head changing with plug-in sealing head design
  • Built-in cap inspection functionality

Super Seal™ Max Standard Features

  • Second-to-None Reliability - The SuperSeal™ Max maximizes line efficiencies and uptime with advanced circuitry and the well proven Super Seal sealing head design.
  • User-friendly operator interface - Microprocessor control operator interface is intuitively designed so that even first time users can operate the system
  • Large display means more data - The 2 line by 40 character LCD display provides all critical performance, inspection and operational data.
  • Customized sealing heads with productive quick-change design - Enercon has engineered an assortment of sealing heads to meet the specific demands of a variety of package configurations and packaging operations. The new quick change sealing head design makes changing sealing heads fast and easy.
  • Air-cooled. Water friendly - The Super Seal™ Max is ideal for any packaging environment, even for wash-downs. That's because the system's electrical compartment is protected by a sealed cabinet.
  • Turnkey Solution - Add Enercon's inspection system and e-jector™; for a complete turnkey cap sealing solution.

Super Seal™ Max Available Options

  • Cap Inspection System - Versatile system adds to your quality control program. System includes foil detector, back-up detector, bottle and reject counters, auto start,stalled bottle detector, high cap detector.
  • eJector™ - Eliminates faulty product from the production line. Features simple connection to Enercon inspection systems and it also works well with any other inspection device that can supply an appropriate signal. Operates at speeds up to 300 fpm.
  • Flashing Light Indicator - Alerts your operators to changes in operating status. Green when sealing head is energized, flashing red when sealing power is interrupted.
  • Mobile Cart - Provides optimal flexibility for moving sealer from line to line. Stainless steel cart features heavy duty castors and leveling pads.
  • Motion-Foil Detection Group - Protects your products in event of line back-up. Two sensors in one group: the first sensor is used to shut off power if containers back up under sealing head, the second sensor detects missing foil liner.
  • Validation Package - Simplifies compliance with your validation programs. Protocol documentation supplied in print and on CD-ROM. On-site support is also available.
  • Remote Operation and Data Collection - Operate and monitor your induction sealer and inspection/rejection system through a serial interface. An external PLC can then be used to allow connectivity to your network control station or process control computer. Includes cable and software to access all pertinent data.

Super Seal™ Max Specifications

  • Dimensions - 28.5" x 15.125" x 9.5" (724 mm x 384 mm x 240 mm)
  • Weight - 102 lbs. (46.27 kg)
  • Input Voltage - 240 V, 50/60Hz, 3 Phase

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