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SKS Bottle & Packaging 28th Anniversary

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Caps, Closures & Accessories

Browse our impressive selection of caps, closures and accessories to meet all of your packaging needs. Choose from a variety of closure options for your bottles and jars—such as metal and plastic caps, lotion pumps and fine mist sprayers, as well as orifice reducers and heat shrink bands. We also supply packaging accessories like lip balm filling trays, plastic bags, disposable gloves, funnels and more!

Caps & Closures

Plastic Caps

Plastic Caps & Closures

We offer a huge selection of lined and unlined threaded plastic closures that includes smooth, dome and ribbed plastic caps.

Plastic Dispensing Caps

Plastic Dispensing Caps

Select from our assortment of colorful, stylish dispensing caps, such as our disc top caps, spout caps, yorker caps and more.

Pumps, Sprayers, Misters & Atomizers

Pumps, Sprayers, Misters and Atomizers

Dispense your products through lotion pumps, fine mist sprayers or atomizers.

Metal Caps

Metal Caps & Closures

Choose from our lined metal caps in a range of threaded and lug finishes.

Shrink Bands

Shrink Bands

Apply shrink bands to provide a tamper-evident seal on all of your products and liven up your product line with heat shrink bands in up to eight different colors.

Glass Caps

Glass Caps and Closures

These flat pressed glass closures feature flexible plastic fitments that fit securely in a variety of glass jars.

Glass Droppers

Glass Droppers

Pick from our medley of glass droppers in diverse lengths, colors, and neck finishes. Each is comprised of a plastic cap, squeezable bulb and glass pipette.

Orifice Reducers, Sifters & Disc Liners

Orifice Reducers, Sifters & Disc Liners

Insert orifice reducers and sifters into bottles to control liquid or powder product outpouring, and protect cosmetics products with differently sized cosmetic disc liners.

Brush Caps

Brush Caps

For precise product application, use brush caps—plastic caps with attached brush applicators.

Cork Stoppers

Cork Stoppers

Update your product packaging with tapered cork stoppers. We offer them in standard sizes from 000 to 11 to accommodate many different types of bottles.

Packaging Accessories

Disposable Gloves & Masks

Disposable Gloves

Protect yourself and keep yourself clean with our facemasks and disposable gloves. Choose from latex, vinyl or nitrile disposable gloves.

Pipettes, Swabs & Petri Dishes

Disposable Pipettes & Cotton Swabs

Try our disposable pipettes, cotton swabs and plastic petri dishes when crafting personal care products or working in the lab.

Lip Balm Accessories

Lip Balm Filling Trays & Scrapers

Save time by filling many lip balm tubes at once with our lip balm filling trays and spatula scrapers.

Plastic Bags

Plastic Bags

Package toiletries and gift items using our vinyl and polyethylene plastic bags and bag accessories—or simply use them for an economical storage solution.

Plastic Funnels, Scoops & Beakers

Plastic Scoops, Funnels and Graduated Cylinders

Use our wide range of plastic funnels, plastic scoops, graduated cylinders, plastic beakers, and wash bottles for crafting, industrial and lab applications.

Pail Accessories

Pail Openers, Drum Wrenches & Faucets

Consider our selection of drum and pail accessories, which include pail openers, drum wrenches, drum faucets and pumps.

Cardboard Boxes & Plastic Boxes

Cardboard Boxes & Plastic Boxes

Conveniently store, organize and mail a variety of items in our plastic boxes and cardboard boxes.

Honey Dippers

Wooden Honey Dippers

Upgrade your honey product packaging with our functional and attractive wooden honey dippers.

Hazardous Labels

Cardboard Boxes & Plastic Boxes

Identify package contents and indicate health, flammability and reactivity with our hazardous labels.


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