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Plastic Bottles

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The plastic bottle index page is divided into sections based on a variety of common bottle characteristics including color, shape, and material. The color category allows you to choose from natural, white, clear, blue, amber, green, black or purple colored plastic bottles. The shape category gives you the option to browse bottles by shape, including round, wide mouth round and pharmecutical round, cosmo, cylinder, oval, oblong and plastic jugs. Selecting the material category will allow you to select plastic bottles according to the properties of each plastic. Plastic bottle materials include PET, LDPE, HDPE and PVC.

Plastic Container Info

Plastic Container Glossary
Selecting a Plastic Container
Plastic Recycle Codes
Plastic Bottle History
Chemistry of Plastic
Plastic Container Recycling
American Made Plastic Bottles
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  Boston Round Plastic BottlesCosmo Round Plastic Bottles Oval Plastic BottlesCylinder Plastic Bottles Pharmaceutical RoundsSpecialty Plastic Bottles Square Plastic BottlesOblong Plastic BottlesPlastic Jugs

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PET Plastic PET HDPE Plastic HDPE
PVC Plastic PVC LDPE Plastic LDPE

Wednesday 01 April, 2015