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Wedding Favor Ideas

Wedding Crafts and Homemade Wedding Favors

Wedding Favor Ideas, Wedding Crafts and Homemade Wedding Favors

SKS is excited to include an index on wedding favor ideas. Along with saving on party favor costs, making your own wedding favor will show your guests that you took special time and effort to thank them for being a part of your celebration. We have come up with several very popular wedding favor ideas below, but there is no limit to what you can do.

*As always you should test your product with the packaging to ensure product compatibility. We do not imply these products are fit for any particular use.

*Please note SKS only provides the packaging. Embellishments are not included.

Metal Wedding Favor Containers
Give your wedding guests a stylish favor to take home with SKS's metal wedding favor packaging. Add your favorite candies, teas or scented soaps along with some tulle and ribbon and your homemade wedding favor is all set! Select the image to view more options to make your own homemade wedding favors.

 Plastic Wedding Favor Containers
There are so many options for homemade wedding favors. Pick your favorite plastic bottle, plastic jar or plastic tube and let your imagination take over. You could also sell these containers together as a kit so that brides can make their own wedding favors. Click on the picture for more creative ideas to use when making your own wedding favors.
Glass wedding favors can offer your wedding guests an elegant thank you. Simply fill any glass wedding favor container with your favorite bath salts, candles or even homemade jellies and then decorate for a wedding favor hit! Select the image to find the perfect glass wedding favor container for you.

Wedding Favor Ideas Newsletter

These are just some of the wedding favor ideas we have come up with. You can certainly browse our site for other containers to package such things as bath salts, bath and body care products, herbs, jellies, jams, spices, sand art and more.

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