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Lip Balm Supply

Lip Balm Containers and Packaging

Lip Balm Tubes
In our Lip Balm Supply index you’ll find an extensive line of lip balm containers, including: tubes, roll ons, jars, pots and tins.  Click on the Accessories section to check out SKS’s lip balm filling trays and other unique lip balm packaging ideas!

Watch a movie on making lip balm with these product and more... Lip Balm Filling Trays
Lip Balm Accessories,

BUY Lip Balm Filling Trays

*Please note SKS only provides the packaging. Embellishments are not included.

*As always you should test your product with the packaging to ensure product compatibility. We do not imply these products are fit for lip balm or for any particular use.

SKS offers a wide variety of plastic lip balm tubes that could be the perfect addition to your lip balm product line.  These lip balm tubes are offered in multiple sizes, colors and shapes with some styles coming with a hook cap or cap with a hole for a lanyard.
Lip Balm Roll On Containers

For lip balm roll on containers your options include both plastic and glass styles.  The glass roll ons are offered in: frosted green, frosted blue, frosted clear, clear and bronze.  These glass roll ons also have five cap color options to choose from!  The plastic roll ons are available in two materials: Polypropylene in white and PET in clear.  Select the picture to choose the right lip balm roll on container for you!
Lip Balm Jars
There are many styles and materials of lip balm jars and pots that could be the perfect lip balm container for your lip balm product line, from styrene to PET plastic.  You can be sure to find the lip balm jar or pot that your customers will love.  Just click on the picture to view SKS’s wide selection of lip balm containers.

Lip Balm Tins
SKS’s lip balm tins can help to give a classy look to you lip balm line.  The lip balm tins could help to make your product line stand out on store shelves and differentiate from the competition.  Offer your customers or give gifts in the lip balm tins that they will be sure to love.
Check out SKS’s lip balm supply accessories that include: vinyl bags, filling trays, drawstrings and more!  There are a variety of ideas that include packaging multiple sizes and styles of lip balm containers into plastic tubes and vinyl bags to offer your customers. Click on the picture for a bunch of unique lip balm packaging ideas!

These are only a sampling of the lip balm packaging ideas we have devised. You can certainly browse our site for other containers to package items such as bath salts, bath and body care products, herbs and more.

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