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SKS Bottle & Packaging 28th Anniversary

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Food Crafting Containers

Cake Decorating Supplies & Candy Making Supplies

Are you a gourmet chef or just someone who likes to cook? Makes no difference. We have a variety of food crafting containers from squeeze bottles and dropper bottles to sifter jars and clear top tins, all of which are great for cake decorating and candy making!

*As always you should test your product with the packaging to ensure product compatibility. We do not imply these products are fit for cake decorating or candy products or for any particular use.

Cake Decorating Supplies

Looking for the perfect containers to help you perfect your cake decorating skills? We have just what you need for decorating cakes, cookies and more!

Candy Making Supplies

SKS offers a variety of candy making containers from squeeze bottles to storage jars. Try using our clear top tins to elegantly display all of your candy making creations!

        For more on cake and candy decorating containers check out our newsletter

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Thursday 23 October, 2014