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Packaging Rap

Volume 13 – Sep 2005

Packaging Tip

Induction Sealing

Induction lined closures offer your customers a tamper evident product, help protect against leakage, promote freshness and add value to your product line.

Induction sealing is a non-contact heating process that creates a hermetic seal between the liner and the opening of a glass or plastic container. An induction liner is typically made up of several layers: the top is paper pulp followed by a layer of wax, which binds a layer of aluminum foil to the paper backing. The outermost layer is a polymer film that is laminated to the aluminum foil.

In order for the liner to bind to the container, an induction sealer must be used. Click here view our selection of induction sealing equipment. After the induction-lined cap is applied to the filled container, it passes under the sealing head, which emits an electromagnetic field. As the aluminum foil layer begins to heat, it melts the wax and polymer film layers. The pulp paper backing absorbs the wax, releasing the foil liner from the cap and the polymer film liquefies onto the lip of the container. The polymer creates a hermetic seal against the container after it has cooled. This process takes a matter of seconds so it does not affect the container or its contents.

Be sure that the your induction liner is compatible with the container material. Many times a liner created for plastic containers will not create an adequate seal with a glass container, and vice versa. Please contact our Inside Sales department for assistance with sampling the correct type of closure and liner for your application.

As always we recommend that you test your product, container and closure for compatibility!


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