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SKS Bottle & Packaging 29th Anniversary

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Packaging Rap

Volume 10 – May 2005

Packaging Tip

Tamper Evident Shrink Bands

Shrink Bands

Offer your customers a tamper evident product by applying a shrink band to your container! Our shrink bands are made of clear PVC plastic, are .2 mm thick, and contain a vertical perforation for easy removal. Once the band has been removed it cannot be re-applied to the container. Simply slide the appropriate size shrink band over the container so it fits around the cap and opening of your bottle, tube or jar. Gradually heat the band until it shrinks fitting snuggly around the container. Be sure that your heat source is not too hot as it may result in uneven shrink band application or damage the actual packaging of your product.

In addition to the stock shrink bands listed on our site, we also have the capability to produce custom shrink bands and sleeves in unique sizes, colors and materials.

SKS Books

Herb Mixtures & Spicy Blends

by Maggie Oster Herb Mixtures & Spicy Blends

This Herbal Book contains dozens of easy-to-make recipes that use herb mixtures and spice blends to create healthy, tasty dishes without a lot of added salt or fat.


SKS Bottle Specials

For list of all SKS Bottle products currently on special and/or closeout, please visit our specials page.

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