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SKS Bottle & Packaging 28th Anniversary

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Green Packaging, PLA Plastic Containers

SKS Bottle offers PLA plastic (Polymerized Lactic Acid) as an environmentally friendly packaging solution. PLA plastic is a clear, nature-based green packaging option made entirely from corn or sugarcane. With a look and feel similar to PET plastic, PLA plastic containers are a viable solution to give your product a beautiful presentation from a non-depleting source. It is evident that consumers are attracted to the idea of green packaging, and PLA plastic could help your product and company stand out by providing a natural form of product differentiation.

Green Packaging, PLA Plastic Containers

PLA Plastic Properties:

  • - Degradation Period: Between 18 and 24 months
  • - Melting Temperature: 140°F (60°C)
  • - Density: 1.25 g/cm3
  • - Tensile Strength: 2360 to 10000
  • - Color: Clear, white
  • - Clarity: Excellent
  • - Barrier Charactaristics: Compared to PET, uncolored PLA bottles have approx. 8x the transmission rate for water and oxygen. Adding colorants to the resin can reduce transmission rates.

PLA Plastic Uses:

  • - PLA Plastic Bottles: PLA plastic bottles provide transparency, gloss, durability and disposability options while maintaining the appearance of PET plastic.

  • - PLA Plastic Jars & Threaded Containers: PLA plastic jars may be ideal for pharmaceuticals packaged in jars and lids, tubs and pots.

  • - PLA Labels: PLA plastic labels run smooth and offer excellent durability, accepting a wide variety of print options with water resistance.

  • - PLA Tamper Evident Bands: PLA plastic is often used for shrink sleeves, pressure sensitive liners, and other durable means to protect your product and maintain its freshness.

  • - Fresh Food Packaging: Keeps food tasting and smelling fresh. PLA plastic is ideal for oil-based products, as well as products with flavor and aroma attributes. Non-fogging PLA plastic food packaging provides a visible, high gloss presentation for food products and is FDA-approved and suitable for food contact. Widely used as green packaging for dairy, juice and water bottles, as well as trays for deli meats, salads and single-serve meals.

Pricing and Lead Time:

PLA Plastic Benefits:

  • - Made 100% from corn starch (in the U.S.) or sugarcane (in other parts of the world)

  • - Biodegradable: Breaks down mostly into carbon dioxide and water. However, PLA will not degrade or disintegrate on shelves - in order to degrade, PLA must be exposed to temperatures greater than 140°F and relative humidity greater than 90% for approximately 60 to 80 days.

  • - Can be composted within 45-90 days, while petroleum-based plastic products are estimated to require thousands of years to decompose.

  • - Does not emit toxic fumes when incinerated.

  • - Inexpensive: Costs may not fluctuate as much as petroleum-based resins. PLA is made from corn instead of petrochemicals, and requires significantly less energy to produce.

    - Quality and costs are comparable to petroleum-based plastics, such as PET which means there are no sacrifices for the greater consumer appeal of green packaging.

PLA Plastic Containers vs. PET Plastic Containers

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Monday 22 December, 2014