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Creative Ideas

Silver Metal Twist Top Tins

Wedding Favor Idea

For an elegant and useful wedding favor, consider our silver metal twist top tins. Fill with your favorite coffee, tea or spices and garnish with ribbons and a personalized tag, for a thoughtful and classy gift!

Bath Salt Container Idea

SKS's silver metal twist top tins are a stylish and practical way to package your line of bath salts. You can customize these tins with labeling for a completely polished product line.

Candle Container Idea

These elegant candle tins are perfect for filling with your homemade candles for yourself or others. The screw top allows for the candle to be transported and burned in various locations. This could be the perfect gift for a frequent traveler!

Amenity Container Idea

Our metal tins could be an excellent way to package travel candles for your hotel guests. These tins come in several sizes and styles and could be labeled with your hotel logo for a product your guests are sure to appreciate!