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Creative Ideas

Flat Metal Tins with Rolled Edge Covers

Wedding Favor Idea

Charm your guests with this lovely favor filled with traditional Jordan almonds, or your favorite candy. For a fun alternative, fill with tea, spices or potpourri and tie your favor up with a beautiful ribbon and personalized tag.

Candle Container Idea

SKS's silver flat metal tins are a stylish and practical way to package your line of candles. You can customize these tins with labeling for a completely polished product line.

Lip Balm Container Idea

Our flat metal lip balm tins are easy to fill and even easier to use! They come in a variety of sizes and even have room for labeling, making them perfect for your own line of lip balm!

Gardening Container Idea

Storing your seeds this season is simple with our metal tins and bottles. These metal containers have snug closures, and may help prevent germination by protecting the contents from light and moisture.