Plastic Bottles, Natural HDPE Air Spray Bottle with Pump

The Natural Plastic Bottles on this page have been discontinued. Please view similar container options below. Read More...

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The Natural Plastic Bottles on this page have been discontinued. Please view similar container options above.

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Product Group Page

Adding Items to Your Cart

To add items to your cart from the product page, enter a quantity in full bags/cases of each item you would like to purchase. SKS sells in full cases only; there is no option to purchase partial cases. When you click the Add to Cart button, all items with a quantity entered will be added to your shopping cart at once. You will be directed to the shopping cart page to either continue shopping or complete your order.

Product Price:
The price listed is the full price for 1 case or bag of the item. When hovered over, the price displayed is converted to the cost per piece for your reference.

Case Pack
The case pack lists how many items are received for the price listed. For example, a kit of glass jars with metal caps with a case pack of 12/cs will include 12 glass jars with 12 caps. Enter how many full case packs you would like to purchase in the Qty field.

If you are ready to purchase the products, enter how many cases or bags you would like to purchase and click Add to Cart. This field will only accept whole numbers (full case packs).

Ordering Samples
If you need one item as a sample for testing, click on the stock number listed to be directed to its product detail page. From there, you can place a sample order using the Order a Sample button.

Product Addons

Product addons are compatible items that can be added to your container to complete your product's packaging design. This can include compatible closures, labels, shrink bands and more. Click the icons next to a stock number to see an expanded list of compatible addon items for easy shopping. If an add-on item is available in multiple case packs, all case options will be grouped together for easy comparison and ordering.

  • The green Addon circle provides a list of compatible closures when viewing a container
  • The pink Addon circle provides a list of compatible containers when viewing a closure
  • The orange Addon circle shows all of the compatible shrink bands for the containers.
  • The blue Addon circle indicates various custom labels SKS has to offer to match the containers.

Add any Addon item to the shopping cart by adding the full case/bag quantity desired to the Quantity box directly next to the Addon. You will be directed to the shopping cart to review the additions you have made. If products do not have Addon icon next to them, SKS does not have compatible items for that container's specific size and shape.

There are a few reasons why shrink bands may not be available with some containers:

  1. Shrink bands are not compatible with a specific container style.
    In some situations, containers will have measurements that seem compatible with shrink bands listed. The containers' shape, neck, or shoulders are still unsuitable for forming a tamper evident seal once applied.
  2. The caps paired with the containers are not compatible with shrink bands.
    Some of these caps can include lotion pumps, or some twist top caps and bulb glass droppers.
  3. The correct size is not available.
    Shrink bands must be within a specific millimeter range of the container diameter to work correctly. Shrink bands that are too small will tear on the perforation before sealing, and shrink bands that are too big will not correctly shrink to the containers' shape.

Product Availability

Out of Stock Items
If an item is currently out of stock, you will see "Out of Stock" with an approximate arrival date below the stock number in the product table. If the product does not have an estimated arrival date in our system, it will display as "TBD" until a purchase order is entered in our system. Below this note, you will also see the "Notify Me When Available" button, which will open a form in a pop-up window. Simply enter an email address to be alerted when that particular product returns to stock.

Placing an order for out of stock items will add your order to the waitlist for fulfillment when stock returns. Any products included in the order that are available to ship will be shipped in SKS' standard processing time and will not be held back by the out of stock items, unless you choose the "Group Shipment" option during checkout, which will hold all items until they can be shipped together.

Cases in Stock Information
Items that currently have 10 or less cases available in stock will also show an indication of the amount left with an "Order Now" alert in orange text.

Email for Quote Items
If there is an Email for Quote notation listed against an item you are interested in, you cannot add this item to your shopping cart. These items are available, but have a minimum purchasing requirement. Instead, you will be directed to a form that will begin the quoting process and is sent to our Customer Care department once filled out and submitted.

Product Specs

The size listed is in liquid measurements for containers. If you are unsure which size is appropriate, place an order for samples, and test with your product.

All dimensions are listed in millimeters (mm). When hovered over, the measurements convert into inches for your reference. The height listed for kits includes the height from the container base to the top of the closure. The height listed for bulk containers sold without caps is the height of the container itself.

Neck Finish
Many measurements are used to establish a neck finish for each container and closure. The neck finish helps determine compatible sets of containers, closures, and additional components, including shrink bands, orifice reducers, and more.

Line Drawings
Click the pencil tip icon to the left of the product information to view the item's line drawing and locate the different custom label sizes and shapes that match the containers.

Closeout Items
To the left of the product information for some products, there will be a green square. This symbol is to alert you that this product is currently on Closeout. Closeout means that SKS offers the current inventory at a discount and will not be restocked once sold. SKS offers a full list of all Closeout products.

To the left of the product information for various products could be a red square symbol. This symbol is to notify you that these products are currently on Special. Items on Special means that SKS can discount these products' costs for a temporary amount of time. Products on Special will be restocked once no longer on Special. To see all products on Special, check the Specials index periodically.

Product Images
To see the product image in more detail, scroll over the image for a zooming option. You can also click the product image to open an enlarged view in a pop-up window. Many items also offer additional image views through rollover images to the main image's left. Hover over the small addition image icons to change the view.

Additional Features
A small video button is displayed next to the Add to Cart button if a video is available for viewing. Videos provide helpful information regarding the containers' look and construction to assist in making packaging decisions. Click the video icon to open a video player in a pop-up window.

The Made in America symbol in the upper left hand corner is presented when all of the components listed on the page are made in America. For more information regarding American made products, read our info page.

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